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Product Videos and Product Photography

Your business wants to sell products, right? I mean, that’s how we all plan to stay in business. And, I bet you need photography and videos to sell them, right? Who are you going to get to do that? Videos are a valuable, powerful way to tell your brand’s story, to showcase your product or service, and to engage with your target audience. We’re not talking infomercials here, we’re talking about compelling, interesting, and  engaging storytelling that can make your business come to life online.

Not every situation calls for a product video, especially if you are going to print a product brochure for a trade show or online store. You shouldn’t just ask anyone to do it for you. See all of the ways we have helped put products on display for our clients including, but not limited to:

    • Product Commercials
    • Product Demonstration
    • Social Media Product Videos
    • Rotating Product Videos
    • Animated Product Video
  • Web Based Product Video
  • Product Brochures

Product Commercials

Antop Antenna needed a video to show the ease of installation on their signature line of antennas, as well as show all of the features their antennas have.

Product Demonstration

Silicon Valley company Electric Imp asked us to record a video walkthrough of their Watson IoT Platform device.

Social Media Geared Product Video

Zizo Wireless came to Ant Farm Media for a quick and engaging social media video to catch viewer’s attention and show off the durability of their cell phone cases.

Animated Product Videos

Antop Antenna, a very satisfied client of ours, asked us to produce Animated Explainer Videos for a few of their products.

Rotating Product Video

Pacific Bag asked Ant Farm Media to produce a line of product videos for their product store.

Web Based Interface

What better way to sell products, than with a 360 degree, rotating HTML5 coded product viewer. (Also available in Flash). 

We are available to do anything, just ask! We have are a skilled and creative collective filled with Graphic Designers, Photographers and Videographers that are always up for the challenge of creating something new!

Have a pricing inquiry? Email me at Anthony@antfarmmedia.com 


Check out our Commercial and Corporate videos below!

Or Check out our Conference and Event videos Here!


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