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“Anthony and his team from Ant Farm Media shot “Man on the street” interviews [with representatives from different educational institutions] in the exhibit hall at the EDUCA– USE conference.  We were looking for opinions on the future of technology in education. Anthony was an absolute pleasure to work with.  He was extremely responsive in arranging the project and flexible and accommodating on site. I trusted him to set it up and direct the filming.  He got it just right. [Plus, he was] a pleasure.  Extremely easy to work with. I’m not usually in the business of video, but if the opportunity comes up [to hire Ant Farm Media again], I won’t hesitate.”

Robin Schaffer – UNIT4 Director of Strategic Relations

Ant Farm Media did a series of “man-on-the-street” style interview videos for UNIT4; a company that provides Enterprise Software for educational institutions and business organizations. UNIT4 was attending a huge conference here, EDUCA– USE, to showcase their products and services. EDUCA– USE holds it’s annual National Conference in Anaheim to bring IT professionals, technology providers and representatives together with those that serve all aspects of the higher education landscape.

This year UNIT4 wanted to showcase both their software for higher education – but they also wanted to interface with people in the business of higher education to find out what directions they saw for using UNIT4 technology in the coming years. They wanted content that could be used in various ways – like describing their product to a potential client, or to build a thought leadership video they want to produce next year.

They weren’t sure what direction to take with these, but I thought interviewing actual educational representatives about the future of technology in education would be a great place to start. So we shot a great series of interviews that UNIT4 will be able to use in any number of ways, both now and in the future.

When it comes to putting together professional footage for your business, this is where Ant Farm Media can help you take your business’s video to the next level. Why? Because the EDUCA– USE Conference takes place in a very large, very noisy kind of conference “ballroom,” with multiple displays and vendors and a lot of foot traffic. Figuring out who to interview and how and where to capture interview footage with good sound and video quality is difficult unless you’ve got the right people and equipment to work with. Knowing how to professionally set up the shots, arrange the interviewer/interviewees, and being ready to accommodate any and all unforeseen issues is important. We actually had a great time on this shoot because my team at Ant Farm Media knows how to move in and get the right video a company needs to profile it’s product, and it’s people, perfectly! UNIT4 trusted me to set up the shots and direct all aspects of the filming. We both feel that I got the look and feeljust right!

Their department interviewed three videographers for this project, but hired Ant Farm Media because we offered the best, most professional service at the most economical price, with a huge customer satisfaction track record!


Thank you Robin for your kind review! It was great working with you and your team at Unit4!

Here are one of the pieces we created during Ant Farm Media’s on-site and Day-of Editing:


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