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Tee’s Story – Custom Editing

“Anthony, the completed video is SO good! I love it! Thank you so much! I cannot believe that it is over and ready to be viewed. I just cannot thank you enough. This whole thing was a pipe dream that honestly I did not think I could get done. You literally turned what existed only in my mind into a reality.  This is exactly the way I wanted the video to turn out and part of me still cannot believe that it turned out as well as it did.  I have you to thank for all of that.  You were beyond patient and very easy to work with.  You made a dream come true!  It was a lot of work but honestly, it was a lot of fun too!”

-Tee Poplion

In 1988 I went to high school at Corpus Christi School in Texas. Sadly, it isn’t there anymore, but it was a wonderful school – and my classmates and I felt we got so much from it, from each other, and from the terrific teachers we had.

Back then, I enjoyed fooling around with a tape recorder, and during the last days before our graduation – I got this big idea that I wanted to record us – record all my classmates, my teachers, and my friends – kind of as a last hurrah.

I didn’t know how to work this tape recorder very well, and I didn’t want to make it obvious to everybody that they were being recorded, so I kept the recorder in a bag; that’s why you can hear crackling and crunching on the video. But even with the poor sound quality – I still managed to capture the voices from that time. After I graduated, I threw it in a drawer and forgot about it, the way kids do, but for some reason – I just hung on to it.

Then came Katrina. It’s a miracle the tape survived Katrina, but when it did – I had it put onto a CD, and started to think about really “doing something” with it. What that was I wasn’t sure, but something. I had some school pictures as well – and the idea formed that I could put together something for my class – 30 years down the road.

I quickly realized though that this wasn’t something I could do myself. The sound quality of that Radio Shack recorder inside a bag was pretty poor, and the pictures had to be corrected up as well. I needed someone who could help me clean up both of these, listen to what I wanted, and then help me create what I wanted to create – a piece that captured that time for us.

Given what I had to work with, it was obvious I needed a pro. I had such a definitive visual idea of how I saw the video that I honestly didn’t think it was possible to get what I wanted. But I wanted to try, so I started interviewing video companies and that’s when I found Anthony. Anthony was great to work with. He was very detailed and always very nice and extremely patient. I still feel like it’s a small miracle that I found him; he was perfect; he understood my vision and was able to do everything that I wanted.

We all have very fond memories of the school and lament the fact that it no longer exists as a teaching institution, but I am so proud and happy that I actually got a piece of it – and our time together on an actual video! When I sent it out to my classmates, it was a huge hit; they were all very moved. I

The entire thing was kind of a crazy idea – I had a vision that I wanted to communicate, and Anthony made it come to life!

See the video here:

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