It all starts with an idea! Our Motion Design and Animation team will work with you to craft your concept into a storyboard if one doesn’t exist already.  This allows us to plot out the sequence of events from start to finish.  You’re the expert on your subject, so we work with you to be sure we get it right.

We then begin to collect any and all assets available that we can use for your animation.  Everything else – we create from scratch!

We then send you design proofs for you to review and approve.  This typically consists of a few style frames to approve the look of your animation before the principal animating begins.

We  stay in touch with you to send any questions or rough drafts if there are any discrepancies we come across.  Depending on the scope of work, we typically have a first draft for you and your team to review within 2-weeks of starting the principal animation.

We can also provide a Voice Over Artist and Licensed Music to use in your video, just like we do in our regular produced videos.  The only difference here is, everything is being animated and not filmed.

We can produce:

  • 2D and 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Animated Explainer Videos
  • Animated Product Videos
  • Video Wall and Display Screen Animations
  • and anything else you may need!



Much of our past animation work is either under NDA or we are unable to share it publicly due to our contract agreements, but please reach out to us to schedule a call where we can show you private examples of the work we have produced.


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“We hired Ant Farm Media to produce a 3-hour live stream event and could not be more pleased. The production itself was flawless. More importantly, the AFM team was easy to work with and very professional. Our event was a big success because of their expertise and quality of work.”

– Tim S., Vice President, Marketing, AAIM Employers’ Association

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