It all starts with an idea! Our Motion Design and Animation team will work with you to craft your concept into a storyboard if one doesn’t exist already.  We then begin to collect any and all assets available that we can use for your animation.  Everything else – we create from scratch!

We then send you design proofs for you to review and approve.  This typically consists of a few style frames to approve the look of your animation before the principal animating begins.

We  stay in touch with you to send any questions or rough drafts if there are any discrepancies we come across.  Depending on the scope of work, we typically have a first draft for you and your team to review within 2-weeks of starting the principal animation.  


For more information on animating your next project, call 321-541-6945 or fill out the form below!


“The production was superb. Ant Farm Media has my strongest possible recommendation for any video production or technical services.”

– Tony D., Vero Beach, FL

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