VIRTUAL and hybrid Events

hybrid conferencing 

We can combine the benefits of Live Streaming with the interactive elements of a conference to form a Hybrid Conference!

Integrating Zoom, WebEx or other video conferencing software when live streaming your event, allows virtual attendees to interact and participate with your subject matter. Can use YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, or stream to any platform desired.

Our software allows the potential to integrate polling, Q&A, breakout sessions, or even use outside plug-ins.  This can include polling, certificates, social media integrations, chat bots and more!


VIRTUAL conferencing 

With 100% Virtual Conferences, there’s no physical meeting place. Everyone is online participating in live interactions or experiencing pre-recorded or archived events at their convenience. These events have low set up costs and create added value because they are not time limited. Provide them as a flexible meeting option that spans several days to weeks.



We can produce content for your conferences with our professional video production team. We can edit footage you provide us, professionally compile stock footage, or shoot footage with you and your team to integrate into your Live Stream or Virtual Conference. Or, we can produce the entire conference’s content for you!

Pre-recorded content

With pre-recorded content, you can remove the stress of “live” streaming, by having us record and edit all of your content prior, and then pushing out the content out the same way as if it’s live. This can be done in such a way where no one can tell that it’s pre-recorded.  

We can film these segments in your office, in-studio, or record your presentation via Zoom to further give the illusion of a live presentation.

This takes all of the stress out of live production and allows you to focus on the impact of your content and material. 

You can just leave the Q&A sessions for live, or we can pre-record those as well if desired.



Your attendees will know who is hosting and sponsoring your Virtual Conference with custom branding! We can use your current branding guide for color schemes, or help you customize it just for your event. We help organizations like yours transform your existing materials into custom virtual conferences.


We can create a landing page for your conference that we populate with your branding and virtual exhibits, and link them together with Live Streaming and/or secured WebEx Calls for your General and Track/Breakout sessions.


Speak to one of our Event Technologists for more information and to schedule a demo at 321-541-6945 – or fill out our contact form at the bottom of the page.


“The production was superb. Ant Farm Media has my strongest possible recommendation for any video production or technical services.”

– Tony D., Vero Beach, FL

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