Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Not every event can be attended in person – and that is where the power of Live Streaming can help!  (Also read about our Virtual Conferencing and Hybrid Live Streaming!)

Our Professional Encoding and Streaming Equipment, combined with our technical knowledge, create a perfect pair for ensuring your event is live streamed without a hitch. Often times, our friends and family may not be able to make it in-person to our event

We have provided live streaming for:

  • City Council Meetings (available with live captioning)
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Exclusive Interviews
  • Ribbon Cuttings
  • Church Mass
  • Funerals and Memorial Live Streams
  • Weddings
  • And more! The sky’s the limit

With our over the phone consultation, we talk through what it takes to make a live stream successful by making sure all of the elements are in place at the venue you wish to stream from.  If the internet on-site doesn’t seem like it has a suitable upload speed, we talk through other options – such as portable hotspots and temporary internet drops through local internet providers.

We can provide on-site PA systems, if the audience locally needs to hear, or patch in to any existing audio equipment.  We can also just provide microphones exclusively for the live streaming.

Once the technical aspects are worked out, we’ll talk through where you want to stream it to, and if you need any graphics or music produced for the event.  We can stay basic or go big! It’s all up to you and what your needs and budget are.

We do not offer any “cheap” solutions, meaning, we don’t do anything less than a 2-camera setup.  If it’s less than 2 cameras, we just call that a webcam.  We typically provide at least 3-cameras for all of our productions, to give you a better show.  All of our equipment is professional grade, so we do have a minimum cost of $1,000.00 for a live-streamed event.  We take our time with your production to ensure it’s perfect, so we promise it’s worth it. 

Not only are we proficient with remote Live Streaming, but we get a lot of experience live streaming from our in-house podcast studio on a regular basis!  This constant immersion in live streaming makes us perfect to handle your next live event!

If needed, we can provide:

  • Zoom and WebEx Moderation
  • Zoom and WebEx Setup and Website Creation
  • Portable High Speed AT&T WiFi Hot Spot
  • Silent Inverter Generator if we need to power our equipment in remote locations
  • Up to 6-HD Cameras
  • Unlimited NDI network inputs
  • Custom Lower Third Graphics
  • Custom Intro/Outro
  • Animated Slides
  • Skype and Zoom Call-in Integration
  • Tabletop, handheld or lavalier microphones 
  • PA Systems
  • Canopy Tents

And more! 

We also provide Hybrid Conferences that combine live streaming and the interactivity and training needs that from being a part of a conference – all from your home!

For more information or a Live Stream Consultation, Call us at 321-541-6945 

Or, feel free to fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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“The production was superb. Ant Farm Media has my strongest possible recommendation for any video production or technical services.”

– Tony D., Vero Beach, FL

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