Virtually produced video projects

Videos Produced Virtually (Remotely)

Ant Farm Media, Inc. and owner Anthony Hight has produced over 50 videos virtually through numerous clients.

These projects are either through capturing Zoom/WebEx/Teams interviews, or through cell phone video submissions.


Every project varies in how much we are involved in the project.  When the project allows, we will take the time to ensure lighting, audio and video are optimal in the participant’s video prior to recording an interview.

In other projects, and usually the projects that involve a higher number of participants, we will provide a “best practices” white paper to each participant so they are able to record their video at the highest possible quality.

We are also able to provide guidance in scripting and storyboarding, giving our clients a desired shot list to help us create the best quality “virtual” video possible.

We can also create videos for you using only stock footage and professional voice over, removing any virtual or remote filming, and simply creating a video to display your company’s services.


Below are some examples in all of the ways we have been able to achieve 100% remote and virtual video production.

Please contact us with any questions on producing your virtual video!


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