Commercial Video Production

Commercial Video Production

Ant Farm Media, Inc. can produce commercial videos for use on television ads or your online marketing efforts.

We have produced commercial videos for multiple platforms, such as Political Campaigns, Advertisements, PR material, business and product marketing.

Commercial videos can be used by any individual or company to promote their brand or services, so these videos generally fall under the category of Marketing videos.  Any marketing video can create a huge impact on the overall conversion for your company in terms of sales, leads, and ROI.

If you are a company or individual who is entering into the marketing industry, or a corporation looking for running a televised or digital campaign – Ant Farm Media can help you plan, produce, shoot, edit, and market your video. 

We can shoot in all aspect ratios and dimensions, including 4K or 6K resolution if desired, and can also produce 3D and 2D Animation for you.  Animated videos are a great way to convey what may be difficult to shoot.  


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