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A BIG National Kidney Foundation shout-out to Anthony Hight at Ant Farm Media. Your compassion for others shines in each frame of your work. Your walk video will inspire the 122,000 + waiting for the gift of life through organ, tissue and eye donation. \m/

-Bill Hahn, NKF of Florida Board Member and NKF Footprints Organizer

Cocoa Beach Video Production – NKF Surf Festival

Today was an awesome day as it combined my passion for video production and my love of helping worthy causes.  This particular cause is for the National Kidney Foundation.  I have not personally needed any organ transplants, but I have seen the brave men, women and children that have and have become stronger because of it.  These people are an inspiration to me and a reminder that we are all blessed every day for being alive.  Any of the burdens or problems of the world around us are inconsequential when you think of the miracles that occur around us.  When we stop to think of others, we remove ourselves from ourselves.  This is necessary if we as a species are to survive.  We must all remember how much we all need each other and how much we can change the course of someone’s day or even life, from something as small as just lending that helping hand.

Here is me when I first arrived at the Cocoa Beach Pier.  CanonXA10, 25ft XLR cable and an SM58 microphone.  The Surf Festival had already gone on Friday and Saturday, but those were days I was working elsewhere and could not make it.

It was a beautiful turn out.

When I was done getting shots of the surfers by the pier, I went to the National Kidney Foundation tower (North Tower as it was affectionately referred).  Here I ran into my friends at Surf Guru, Bryan Davis and Kevin Igar.  Kevin has done work with Ant Farm Media as a freelance camera man. He is dedicated and professional, and always a great person to talk to if you need a new Home Theater! Seriously, the guy knows his stuff!

I then met up with my contact and friend at NKF, Bill Hahn.  Bill is a recipient of a life saving kidney and pancreas transplant,  original Salick surf team member and key player at the National Kidney Foundation.  He is a source of much spiritual and personal inspiration.

After Bill and I shot interviews with people around the Cocoa Beach festival, I was given the honor of getting an awesome shout out for Ant Farm Media by GT from GT Surf Lines for my video production services.

I still can’t get over how awesome that was!

After the Surf Festival, everyone made their way over to the Radisson at the Port for the Taste of Brevard and Silent Auction, sponsored by Regions Bank.  The Taste of Brevard is a NKF benefit fundraiser that had surf boards, paintings, jewelry and much more for auction to raise money for the NKF!  Even had Captain Kidney walking around!

I met a lot of great people and got a lot of great footage and am excited to see the interviews when we are done.  The last interview was of 3 amazing men.  Bill Hahn, Dan Mackin and Phil Salick.  Billy Hahn is a recipient of a life saving kidney and pancreas transplant, original Salick surf team member and key player at the NKF. Dan Mackin is an award winning artist whose works can be seen at NKF charities and also www.DanMackin.com or Dan Mackin Art. Phil Salick is co-founder of NKF Rich Salick Pro-Am Surf Festival. Phil is also an organ donor and gave his twin brother Rick Salick his first kidney transplant.

I am truly blessed and humbled to be a part of this event and this great cause.  I plan to blog about all of the efforts and pursuits here at Ant Farm Media, Inc. so stay tuned and be sure to contact us for your video production.  Your project only deserves passion!


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