Successful Live Virtual Product Demo for XSYS

Producing a Successful Live Virtual Event for XSYS’ New Incredible Product Unveiling

XSYS is the specialist for the global flexographic printing industry, and they created a revolutionary product, the ThermoFlexX Catena, that not only reduces the size needed for the standard flexographic printing process, but they also made it automated and touch-free!

XSYS reached out to Ant Farm Media to help them produce a Live product demo to show their clients and industry partners how easily and efficiently the Catena works.

We produced this event in Charlotte, North Carolina, at one of the XSYS warehouse and office locations.

Ant Farm Media created a Microsoft Teams event for XSYS, as well as built a “studio” set in the facility, that allowed the hosts to go between the Host Desk and the Catena machine during the live demonstration and Q&A portions of the event.

Q&A was handled by collecting all questions and placing them on a 55″ monitor on-set, so the team could read and respond to all questions in the Q&A on Teams.

We provided and setup 2 robotic cameras (one at the host desk and one in the facility), 1 static wide shot at the host desk, and two roving cameras with camera operators using Sony FX6 and FS7 4K cameras.  One camera operator was using a stabilizer for the main follow shot / wide shot, and another operator captured closeup / detail shots with a shoulder mounted Sony FS7mk2. Both roving cameras had wireless video transmitters sending video to our switcher via SDI, as well as recording internally as a backup.

We also provided a 70″ screen on a stand out on the showroom floor to ensure the hosts knew if we were playing any pre-recorded video of the Catena, which was only used to ensure viewers could see functionality that was difficult to capture live.

XSYS supplied a branded host desk, which Ant Farm Media lit with LED lights and surrounded with pipe and drape and red uplighting to really make the set stand out.

The entire event was an absolute success, and the Ant Farm Media team received many compliments from the XSYS team on-site, as well as the virtual attendees. It’s always our goal to ensure all of our productions are successful, which is why proper pre-production planning is always important.

Below are some behind the scenes still of our production.


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