How much does it cost to live stream an event? 

live streaming Cost Considerations

Live Streaming cost can vary, like any production cost can, based on the scope of work. It’s always hard to provide an estimate without talking through the type of event and what you’re looking to achieve.  

Some events, such as conferences, could already have some of the elements in place that we need to setup a nice looking live streaming event, such as adequate lighting and a PA system to connect to for audio. They typically have internet to connect to as well, which can sometimes be provided freely or at a small cost by the hotel or conference center.  

We also provide Conference and Event Production, so if you need us to produce more elements of your event, or supply AV support, cost could also increase.

Some of the factors that can contribute to the cost of live streaming include:

  1.  Total Duration of the Event
  2.  Event Scale and Viewership
  3.  Number of Cameras required for the event
  4.  How many CDN’s are you sending the live stream to? (An example of a CDN is YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, etc.)
  5.  Are there custom graphics or custom animation required for the live stream?
  6.  Do you require Zoom or WebEx integration?
  7. Do you need storage and archiving for later viewing?
  8.  Is this meant to be interactive, like a virtual conference, or is it just for viewing?
  9.  Is there a PA System on-site for audio or do you need us to provide audio support?
  10.  Is there internet available at the location or do you require a mobile hotspot?
  11.  Is there power on-site or do we need to provide a generator?
  12. Do you need us to provide any additional AV support at the event?
  13. Do we need additional days for setup and testing?

These are some of the main questions we ask to ensure we can send you an accurate cost.

Now, there are many ways to live stream an event, and depending what company you choose, pricing can vary.  This cost fluctuates due to equipment used and number of crew used.

Starting cost for an Ant Farm Media Live Stream package is $1,500 and goes up from there.  Our cost has gone up over the years, as we have purchased more high-end equipment and perfected our methods.  Our starting package comes with 2-cameras, 1 camera operator and 1 stream tech.

For more information on our live streaming services, please see our Live Streaming and Virtual Conference pages.

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