Producing an Engaging Hybrid Virtual Town Hall For Ramboll

Producing a successful hybrid Virtual town hall for Ramboll in Arlington, VA

Ant Farm Media recently had the pleasure of partnering with Ramboll, a global engineering, design, and consultancy company, to produce a hybrid virtual event, as well as provide in-person audio visual support, video production, and lifestyle and headshot photography for Ramboll at their Arlington, VA location. This hybrid virtual event showcased the seamless integration of virtual and in-person elements, ensuring that all participants, regardless of location, could engage fully.

Ramboll is a global architecture, engineering, and consultancy company, delivering expertise and sustainable solutions to clients and partners. They were founded in Denmark in 1945 and today operate across 35 countries!

Crafting a Hybrid Experience

The hybrid virtual event was designed to bridge the gap between remote and onsite attendees, combining the best aspects of both worlds. Our team at Ant Farm Media meticulously planned and executed the event with the Ramboll team, focusing on creating a cohesive and interactive experience.

The setup included high-quality audiovisual equipment to facilitate clear communication and engagement for remote participants, while ensuring those present at the Arlington office had an equally immersive experience.

Capturing the Event: Interviews, B-roll, and More

During our two-day stay at Ramboll’s office, we extended our services beyond just the town hall meeting. Understanding the importance of a comprehensive media package, we captured:

  • Interviews: Conducting insightful interviews with key Ramboll personnel, we aimed to highlight their thoughts on current projects, company culture, and future plans. These interviews provided valuable content for internal communications and external marketing efforts. We also provided a teleprompter with an operator for any scripted portions.
  • B-roll Footage: We filmed extensive b-roll footage around the office, capturing the essence of the working environment and the dynamic interactions among employees. This footage is instrumental in creating engaging promotional videos and internal content for future marketing efforts.
  • Headshots: Professional headshots of Ramboll team members were taken to enhance their corporate profiles and internal directories. These high-quality images help put a face to the names, fostering a stronger personal connection within the organization and with external partners. Headshots were captured traditionally on a seamless backdrop, as well as outside in the greenery at the Arlington Nature Conservancy.
  • Lifestyle Photography: We also focused on capturing lifestyle photography, showcasing the day-to-day activities and the vibrant culture at Ramboll’s Arlington office. These candid shots provide an authentic glimpse into the company’s work environment, enhancing recruitment and branding materials.

Enhancing Communication and Engagement

The hybrid town hall was a resounding success, thanks to the collaborative efforts between Ant Farm Media and Ramboll. By integrating live streaming, interactive Q&A sessions, and real-time feedback mechanisms, we ensured that all participants felt included and engaged. This event not only served as a platform for disseminating important company updates but also reinforced Ramboll’s commitment to maintaining strong, transparent communication with its global workforce.

Here’s a nice review left from our main contact at Ramboll:

“Ant Farm Media did a terrific job with a live stream, photo, and video event for my company. Their professionalism, organization skills, and overall relaxed demeanor put me at ease throughout the event. They were unobtrusive and received praise from our corporate leadership for their capabilities and the quality of the final products.”


– Gail Eberl,  Director of Creative Services, Ramboll


At Ant Farm Media, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality, engaging, and effective media solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs. Our experience with Ramboll in Arlington, VA, underscores our capability to produce hybrid events that foster connection and communication in today’s hybrid work environment. By capturing interviews, b-roll, headshots, and lifestyle photography, we provided Ramboll with a rich media package that will serve their communication and marketing efforts well into the future.

Ramboll was very pleased with Ant Farm Media’s professionalism, attitude, ability to adapt and over come obstacles, and overall delivery of Ramboll’s vision.  

We are skilled at working with corporate and government partners, and would love to partner with your team next. 

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