in Studio Video Production with EWO Trader

in Studio Video Production with EWO Trader

EWO Trader reached out to Ant Farm Media to record content for their website in our studio. EWO Trader is a membership program and a community of traders.  EWO members learn trade-by-trade as they follow a disciplined, consistent approach to trading from a team of experts.

Ant Farm Media converted our 2,000 sq’ Studio space into two separate “office spaces” for photography, interviews and b-roll.

The EWO Trader team also utilized our services to get Studio Style headshots on a white backdrop.

Video included filming interviews using Teleprompters to use scripts that conveyed what the EWO Trader team could provide their customers.

Ant Farm Media also uses our studio video production space for pre-recorded and live webinars for various government and corporate clients.



Thank you EWO Trader for choosing Ant Farm Media, Inc. for filming and photographing your marketing content!


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