4-Day live streaming conference production

hybrid zoom conference in miami

Ant Farm Media, Inc. was asked to provide a Hybrid option for the Export Compliance Training Institute.  The conference was well-attended in-person at a Miami Doubletree resort, and was also well-attended virtually through the Zoom webinar as well.

When producing a conference virtually, Ant Farm Media can and will produce the title slides, lower thirds, back-end website, and any other assets needed or requested for your Hybrid conference.

One of the people from ECTI acted as the moderator and fielded questions from online. While this meeting did not give participants online the ability to talk, we are able to provide this if additional engagement is requested.

Our partners were very happy and we look forward to more of these events in the future!



Hybrid Zoom Conference from Miami

4-Day Hybrid Live Streaming Zoom Conference from Miami

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