In-Studio Interviews in our Rockledge, FL Studio 

In-Studio Interviews in our Rockledge, FL Studio utilizing our Home Office Sets for True Crime Television Series

In the heart of Central Florida, located in Brevard County, Ant Farm Media, Inc.’s Studio based in Rockledge, FL is used for Live Streaming, Virtual Events and Webinars, as well as lifestyle photography and headshots.  This past week, our studio was used for filming multiple interviews for multiple upcoming True Crime episodes.

We filmed 4 interviews throughout the day, using two Sony FX6 Cameras and live switching in 4K. We also recorded the interviews in Raw 4K for the client’s purposes.

The interviews were conducted via Zoom, where the interview subjects had an eye level view of the producer.

These interviews will be a part of stand alone episodes, so we split them up between our two “home office” sets.  While we currently have them setup to appear as someone’s home office, they can be customized to fit the aesthetic of your production.

In-Studio Interviews

Interviews need to be conducted in a controlled environment, which is why we have sound dampening blankets on the ceiling, as well as interior and exterior lighting options to keep a constant look on-set for in-studio interviews.

Ant Farm Media’s studio offers a host of on-site amenities to ensure a seamless and comfortable production experience. From comfortable seating areas to high-speed internet access, creators can focus on their craft without any distractions. Additionally, amenities such as dressing rooms and catering services are available to cater to every aspect of the production process. 

Clients get use of a fully stocked fridge and snack area, as well as basic bathroom amenities and changing area.  

Hair and makeup is also provided for an additional fee, or we can also provide basic translucent powder makeup for shine removal at no additional charge.

Ant Farm Media’s studio fosters a collaborative environment where creators can come together to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and push the boundaries of their creativity. 

Webinar and Virtual Events

If producing a webinar, training course, or other virtual event, we can setup the studio to include 55″ to 85″ 4K displays on stands, pipe and drape options, as well painting the walls to match branding or desired look and feel.

Our control room connects to the main studio, which allows for ease in workflow.  

Our high-speed internet ensures that we can not only provide live-streaming and virtual event services from in-studio, but also allows for quick delivery of raw files for off-site and remote editors to access. 

Backed by a team of experienced professionals with expertise in virtual event production, Ant Farm Media Studio offers valuable insights and guidance to help clients achieve their goals. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to virtual production, Ant Farm Media’s knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing support and guidance every step of the way, ensuring a successful outcome for your project.

Let us know how you would like to use our studio by calling the team at 1-866-4-ANTFARM today! Or, use the contact form below, and please be sure to give as much details about your production as possible.


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