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boeing video production

Anytime we are asked to work out at Kennedy Space Center, we immediately RSVP:  YES PLEASE!  Ant Farm Media has had the privilege to work out at KSC for multiple clients, and one of our favorites to work with is Boeing.  

Boeing asked us to film interviews and capture b-roll of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS), as well as capture high resolution still images.  The SLS is the most powerful rocket ever built – and Boeing built the core stage of it!  This is basically comprised of the entire orange section and includes:

1. The engine section – Works with the two solid rocket boosters to produce a combined 8.8 million pounds of thrust at liftoff!

2. The LH2 tank (Liquid Hydrogen tank) – Comprises more than 2/3 of the core stage and weighs 150,000lbs!

3. The intertank – This houses avionics and electronics that will control the rocket in flight and also anchors two massive solid rocket boosters),

4. The LOX tank – The liquid oxygen tank holds 196,000 gallons (742,000 liters) of liquid oxygen cooled to minus 297 degrees Fahrenheit. Its thermal foam coating protects it from extreme temperatures like the cold of the propellants and the heat of friction.  

5. The forward skirt – As the brains of SLS, the forward skirt is responsible for the rocket reaching its destination. It houses flight computers, cameras and avionics — the routers, processors, power, other boxes and software that control stage functions and communications. Along with the liquid oxygen tank and the intertank, it makes up the top half of the core stage.

6. ICPS – The Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (ICPS) for SLS Block 1 is the initial configuration that can deliver 27 metric tons of payload to the moon.

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Ok – now that we’re done nerding out about how sweet the SLS rocket is – let’s see some behind the scenes footage of the Ant Farm Media crew filming the SLS. 

As always, let us know if you’d like to work with us! We love what we do and love working with people who are passionate in their industry so we can come together and make something beautiful! 


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