Video Production for university of zurich and airbus

filming laboratory processes and spacex falcon9 launch for international space station experiments 

We had a great time producing video interviews and capturing b-roll for video documentation with University of Zurich and Airbus.  The team included UZH Professor of Anatomy, Oliver Ullrich and Biologist Dr. Cora Thiel, along side the Airbus Innovations team lead, Julian Raatschen. Julian developed the hardware and also providing access to the International Space Station (ISS).

The team used microgravity in space to grow three-dimensional organ-like tissues – called organoids – from adult human stem cells! (more information here.)

We got to capture the entire process on video of the team carefully adding the tissue to a “Cube Lab”, inside their laboratory at the Space Life Sciences Lab in Merritt Island, FL.

From here, it was handed off to Space Tango, who then brought it to the International Space Station Processing Facility to be handed off to SpaceX! The Cube Lab was then put onto the Cargo Dragon aboard the Falcon-9 launch system for the Commercial Resupply Service mission (CRS-23) to head to the ISS!

The CRS-23 Launch was a beautiful night launch from Cape Canaveral to the International Space Station!

When the samples returned, we returned to record video of the process of the samples being taken out of the cube lab, analyzed, and packed up for their return to UZH in climate controlled travel containers.

We had such a great time filming with their team! See below for the final product and some behind the scenes stills from our 4 days of total video production.

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